How Much Does It Cost To Remove Raccoons In The Attic?

This is a scenario that can typically be solved conveniently absolutely free or for extremely little money. In other situations, it is a legitimately difficult circumstance that calls for professional work. In the event that a pro has to by hand get rid of the child raccoons as well as the mother. Or eliminate the young and also trap the mommy and bring them all away together, the minimum is generally over $300, typically more than that. Much of the expense comes from repairs as well as clean-up.

Raccoons are frequently discovered in areas such as smokeshafts and also attic rooms, especially when a woman is all set to give birth; they prefer the enclosed, warm, dry spaces that most homes can supply. Getting rid of raccoons need to be done by a professional because these pests can spread out disease and make a substantial mess in your house.

Removal of the raccoons and covering the holes they made use of to enter expenses around $350 to $500 on average, yet may cost even more if considerable damage has actually been done.


Raccoons pry animals that frequently leave a big mess in their wake. This indicates that if you have raccoons nesting on your property, you are most likely to see significant damage around your house, including:

  • Damages done to yards as well as veggie yards as they forage for food.
  • Tipped over trash bin that were not securely secured.
  • Squashed or compressed insulation in the attic.
  • Damage to drywall 1 and electric cables in the attic by nesting moms as well as young.
  • Damage to ductwork by getting in raccoons.
  • Feces in pool.
  • Health threats
  • In addition to the damages they can do to your property, raccoons bring several health and wellness risks. Some raccoons may likewise be infested with fleas or ticks, which they can spread out throughout your residence, costing around $270 to deal with.

Symptoms of raccoon invasion

Commonly the initial sign that you might have raccoons in your home is the noise that they make at night. Many raccoons are nighttime, implying that they are awake at night, and also you may hear the sounds of them scuttling overhead in your attic or in your chimney after dark.

Not all raccoons are inactive during the day, nevertheless; those staying in your house may be often spotted throughout the daylight hrs going into and also leaving their home. You may see raccoons on your roof, near vents, and also various other possible openings. If a raccoon has died inside your house, the smell of the rotting body will certainly be solid and also unpleasant, as well as this might tip you off to the presence of even more raccoons. Other indications that a raccoon may be staying in your home shows up damage to the area where they have actually been living, in addition to raccoon feces in and around the area.


The most common approach of taking care of raccoons on your property is trapping as well as removal. The raccoons are transferred to a minimum of 10 miles from your property to stop their return; generally only ill animals will be euthanized.

In many cases, the pest removal service will consist of an inspection of your property free of cost to establish the extent of the invasion. This inspection consists of figuring out the entrance points of the raccoons, locating their numerous living spaces, as well as determining just how much damage has been done and where, as well as what steps will certainly need to be taken to both avoid the raccoons from returning after removal, and also exactly how to decontaminate the area as well as repair any type of damage that has been made.

To trap the raccoons, a large cage trap baited with something like bread or marshmallows is made use of, with one trap required per raccoon. If there are dead raccoons, these are eliminated at the same time; dead raccoons can often be hard to reach, which can drive up the prices of removal to $275 to $300 per raccoon, with additional repairs required afterward.