What Pests am I Hearing In my Attic?

Squirrels are generally heard early mornings as well as later on in the evenings. Squirrels likewise enjoy to eat on anything, and also this, unfortunately, includes woodwork in the attic which can be incredibly harmful if they take place to catch a wire. Not to mention, if they have fleas and also mites you do not want them running trouble around your residence; keep a squirrel contained and also call a specialist.

Squirrels are diurnal animals that are mainly energetic during the day, specifically in the early morning and also night. If you listen to noises originating from your attic during the day, they are most likely caused by squirrels. Other animals, such as raccoons, are primarily active during the night, when squirrels are resting.


  • A number of types of squirrels come from the Sciuridae family. Different varieties make different types of sounds. The sounds and also the quantity can likewise differ depending upon the age and gender of the private squirrel.
  • Squirrels can damage the roof when they are going into or leaving an attic. You may be able to hear this when you are in the house on the floor below. This is a tell-tale indicator that you have a squirrel problem in your attic.
  • You may also listen to rolling sounds in the attic. Squirrels collect nuts as well as roll them right into attics to hide them there or occasionally hide them in the wall surfaces. If you listen to rolling sounds in the attic, you more than likely have a squirrel problem.
  • You may likewise listen to light running or hurrying noises during the day. You may listen to the sounds in the attic or inside the walls.


If you have actually listened to sounds originating from your attic throughout the day, you might have one or more squirrels living there. Squirrels can create considerable damage to a house. They can eat and also scratch to enter, chew via electric wires and items stored in the attic, as well as leave pee and droppings.


The most effective method to manage a squirrel problem is to trap and also move them. Call the specialists at Anderson Wildlife Control to aid with squirrels in the attic of your Connecticut home. We will humanely live-trap and transfer the squirrels to an additional location. We will repair any kind of damage they caused and seal off the access points they utilized to get involved in your attic to prevent various other animals from entering. Contact Anderson Wildlife Control today to obtain a quote for squirrel removal.

Squirrels have lived alongside human beings for as long that they have shed mostly all their anxiety people. Squirrels not only destroy your difficult and steal the birdseed you exclude for the birds, yet they can likewise do substantial amounts of damages within your home. Squirrels love to chew their method right into walls or attics and build their nests in them due to the fact that they are cozy and also safe and secure places to elevate their young. This can be a very unsafe scenario since the squirrels will certainly generate products such as hay, dried out fallen leaves and branches to construct their nests which can cause a fire in a snap. What makes this a lot more unsafe is that they like to eat on power chords which can wreck your electrical system and cause a fire. Their droppings and pee likewise present a biohazard which can trigger breathing infections. Not only is it dangerous to have squirrels living in your home, they can likewise make a great deal of noise while they are playing and also caching their food supply.

If you have a squirrel problem, you need to fix it right away prior to your health as well as your residence become endangered. The easiest method to deal with a squirrel infestation is to call a neighborhood animal control office or exterminator to trap and relocate the critters.