Video Camera Security Systems Los Angeles

Video Camera Security Systems Los AngelesWelcome to the video camera security systems branch of the Armguard Security family tree. The Armguard name is well respected in an around Los Angeles, as a premiere provider of quality and effective close personal protection. Now, we also offer world class video surveillance in cooperation with the prestigious Honeywell company.

There are many types of video camera security systems today, including CCTVs, which are among the most versatile. They can be used for all surveillance applications, in commercial or residential settings. For the household, CCTV cameras are useful in monitoring the people who are entering and leaving your home, as well as for checking up on your property and your family while you are on the go. Choosing the right cameras can help you achieve your surveillance goals. Here are some of the types of CCTV cameras you can choose from.

Professional grade cameras. Usually meant for commercial properties and professional purposes, these cameras have interchangeable lenses and are able to capture footages even from a distance. They are often used indoors, but you can use them outdoors as long as they have weatherproof housing.

Board cameras. With fixed lenses and mounted on the circuit board, these cameras come in mini dome or mini camera form. The lenses are either pinhole (spy) lenses that have a tiny aperture or the normal industry aperture lenses. They are less flexible than professional cameras because they have pre-mounted lenses with short focal lengths and fixed irises, but they are quite useful indoors and for home use.

Bullet Cameras. These are called as such because of their bullet-shaped body. Most units are weatherproof and unable to use different lenses. They are small with integrated features such as infrared LED to make them useful in low-light conditions and in the dark, capturing footage within 50 feet. These are also easy to install at home.

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