Water Damage Restoration San Diego

Water Damage Restoration San Diego

Water damage can devastate your home. The cleanup process needs to be of the highest quality, or more problems can appear down the road. Let the experts at EZ Dryflood Damage handle this for you. We are a top-ranked company for water damage restoration in San Diego.

What is the water damage?

Water damage occurs when water invades a structure and damages it. Water damage occurs during heavy rainstorms, floods, hurricanes, or when pipes rupture in a home. There are many ways in which the damage manifests. Here are a few examples:

  • Rotting wood
  • Mold growth
  • Warping of floors
  • Damage to carpeting
  • Rusting of metals

For health reasons, water damage needs cleaning immediately. While all things listed above cause issues, mold makes people ill and triggers other health conditions. Our water damage restoration in San Diego company treats all these problems fast and effectively.

How do you treat water damage?

If you intend to clean the damaged area yourself, there are things you must consider. The first thing is to turn off power in the affected area. Water and electricity are a lethal combination. Once the area is safe, unplug and remove electronics present. Next, remove the water from the affected area. For large areas, rent a wet vacuum from a local store (like Home Depot). Sucking the water into the vacuum is the most time-efficient way to remove large quantities of water.

After removing the water, the area needs to dry. Utilize fans for the drying process. Allowing the area to air dry naturally takes too long. If the process takes too long, the issues listed above start happening. Fans are available for a low price at national chain stores. Ask your friends as well to see if they have fans available for use.

Once the area is dry, your next step is disinfecting it. Removing excess water prevents mold growth, but this step is still a necessity. Cleaning the area ensures you kill all germs and mols spores. Also, if the water entered the home as a result of a flood or other natural disaster, floodwaters contain germs and other dirt. If you’re looking to return your home to its previous state, you cannot skip this step.

Reasons to contact a professional

With all the information available on how to treat and clean an affected area, why contact a professional? Consider the reasons below.

  • They already have the needed equipment for the job. While you waste time renting and borrowing equipment, they already have it. They save you that headache.
  • They are trained professionals. Instructions on the internet make this sound easy. That is not true. Professionals do this as a career. Don’t take a risk with your property just to save yourself money. Doing the job incorrectly costs you more money long term.
  • If your need for this service stems from a natural disaster, insurance covers their service.

Do not delay! Let the professionals at EZ Dry Flood Damage handle your project. We are one of the highest-ranked companies dealing with water damage restoration in San Diego!

Water Damage Restoration San Diego