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Lexington Kentucky Geese Removal Services

At Wildlife Removal Pros in Lexington KY, we provide safe, humane, reliable, and effective Canada goose removal and control. We can remove entire flocks of Canada geese from your property, or we can remove specific individual geese that are attacking people. If you have a family of geese living on your commercial or residential property in Lexington Kentucky, we can provide the services to remove them and keep them away for the future. There is no problem that we can’t handle. Geese will defecate and urinate all over parking lots. We use only the most up to date geese removal equipment and goose control techniques to take care of your problem.

Among Lexingtons wildlife, geese are classified as nuisance birds due to their habits of living near people. Canada geese love to hang out in ponds and lakes near human development. They are also very territorial and like to nest near business entry ways and in landscapes. The most common wildlife issues and complaints include the following:


  • Goose droppings in parking lot.
  • Goose attacks on employees or customers.
  • Dead geese on property.
  • Geese eating vegetation around pond or lake.
  • Geese living on a roof.
  • Sick and potentially dangerous geese
  • Nesting Canadian Geese
  • Geese living on and occupying golf courses.

Canada Geese



Canada Geese are popular as migratory birds that fly in a formation which resembles the letter “V”. They have also become quite popular for being pest birds all over the nation, not just in central kentucky. Essentially a waterfowl, the Canada Goose feeds on a collection of grains, vegetation that grows in the water and grass shoots. Due to their diet, geese normally come into contact with humans quite often, as some people enjoy feeding geese and other KY wildlife. Geese breed in the Spring season months. Seeing as each goose can lay between 2 and 10 eggs annually, their populations grow very fast which will cause a need for larger scale goose control.  A Canada Goose can live up to 12 years in the wild. Furthermore, the pest birds are found in a variety of habitats.

Physical Features

Canada Geese are easily distinguishable from other types of geese due to their unique physical appearance. They have long, black necks and some conspicuous, white markings that are located on their chins and cheeks. The backs of these migratory birds are gray or brown in color while their underside is white or cream. Their feet and bills are black. With the male commercial birds slightly bigger in size, Canadian Geese have an average weight of 24 pounds. In addition to that, they can be 2 to 3 feet long. This bird’s wingspan can reach a total of 6 feet long.

Natural Habitat

Canadian Geese are native to North America. However, today these commercial birds can be found in areas such as Australia and Korea. They live in areas that are close to a water source. Examples of these are marshes and swamps which are close to ponds, lakes or rivers.

Geese management technicians from wildlife management companies will tell you that these birds are quite hardy. As such, it can live in elevated mountain areas as well as frigid locations such as the Arctic. They  can also be found in suburbs by control specialists. Curated or manicured lawns are ideal nesting and grazing locations. The nuisance wildlife might also be fed by humans living in these areas hence are comfortable to roost there.


Geese do not enter homes but will forage and graze right in the yard. Wildlife control specialists note that they especially enjoy to live near commercial property that belongs to humans who feed them on a regular basis. As such, farms and agricultural fields are excellent nesting locations. The commercial birds can also create nesting colonies in urban areas because there are few natural predators and ample nesting grounds in parks.

Damage Potential

The potential for wildlife damage emerges because Canada Geese tend to prefer living in the same areas as humans. Being grazers, the canada goose can cause damage to vegetation, gardens, crops, fields and landscapes resulting in extra repairs for the damages to your home. Their fecal matter can contaminate the water and pose a danger to fish and wildlife. The bacteria in their feces can spread diseases such as listeria, e-coli, chlamydiosis and salmonella. A sick goose can also transmit these diseases through nasal discharge or biting, Which is why it is important that we also focus on goose management as well as damage repair.

Humans who are bitten by Geese manifest infection through septic wounds or cases of pneumonia. Hence, Nuisance Concerns With Canadian Geese include significant health risks. After being fed by people for a long period of time, Canadian geese can lose their fear of humans and become territorial. This can cause them to attack adults, pets and even children. This is why feeding the pest is the opposite of all pest control techniques that goose control professionals do with Lexingtons wildlife, as feeding the animal works opposite to damage prevention, rather than towards it.

Goose Removal

Canadian Geese can be removed from your farm or yard with proper wildlife control methods. This is best done by KY wildlife removal specialists. This is because we have the tools, wildlife resources and the knowledge of pest control techniques alongside the experience required to capture and transfer these birds from your property in a humane way.

Safety and Control

When it comes to removal in Lexington, Geese are protected by federal laws with specific KY Wildlife removal permits required. Therefore, they can only be trapped or captured by individuals from lexington ky wildlife removal companies who have the proper permits to deal with the migratory bird. The most effective control methods for damage prevention is to prevent these birds from becoming pests by making your commercial property, yard, lawn or farmland unattractive to them, so that they do not cause damage to the property. Outlawing people from feeding geese can go a long way in effective bird control and keeping areas safe from these pest birds. In addition to that, it reduces their populations. This is because Geese that are fed by people on a regular basis tend to become permanent residents.

Geese instinctively stay away from tall grass because predators could be lurking there. As such, you can create natural animal remover barriers featuring tall grass for animal control so as to prevent the birds from roosting on your property. Fences built around water bodies with fish and wildlife are also effective in this endeavor. Innovative bird deterrents methods to scare the lexington ky wildlife away are effective as well. Examples of these are using dogs, motion sensors and lasers as well.