Anderson County KY

Anderson County Service Areas
Alton Glensboro
Ballard Lawrenceburg
McBrayer Stringtown

General Information

Anderson County Kentucky is found in the state of Kentucky, a county located in the US. When census was conducted in 2010, Anderson County had a population of around 21,421. It covers a total area of around 204 square miles in which 202 square miles is covered by land, and 2.4 square miles is covered by water.


Anderson County was established on the 16th of January, 1827. It was formed from 3 counties namely: Franklin, Washington and Mercer. The county is named after Richard Clough Anderson. Jr, who was the speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Places of Interest

Anderson has a wide variety of attractions for both visitors and families living in the city. It is also rich in history of farming and plantation. There are many fun activities to do at the local farms. It is the best places to visit if you need some outdoor activities, for example, enjoy the golf course and the state parks. Some of the places that you can visit include: Anderson County Museum, Carolina Bauernhaus Ales and Denver Downs Farm.

Famous People

It is one of the American cities that has given rise to many famous people in different fields. These include, sports, education, business and public service. Some of the famous people are, Annie Dove Denmark, who was the first female collegiate president in South Carolina; Coach Harold Jones was the Head coach of T.L, Larry Nance who was a Clemson basketball player.

Business in Anderson County

Operating a business in Anderson city has been made easy since you only need a business license from the Business License Office. If you have a resident business, you require an occupancy permit which you can get from the Building Inspection Department. You can renew the license after one year.


Anderson city has very unique sights to behold. Some of the best landmarks sights in the city are as follows.

  • Anderson Arts center
  • NewSpring Church
  • Denver Downs Farm
  • Split Creek Farm