Bath County, KY

General Information

Bath County is located in northeastern Kentucky, USA, where the slopes of the Bluegrass Region change to the Appalachian Mountains. The county’s name was influenced by the abundance of mineral and medicinal springs that populate the territory. Bath County was founded in 1811 and the county seat is in Owingsville. As of 2015, the county had a total population of 12,228. As per the U.S. Statistics Bureau, the county covers a total of 284 square miles which comprises of 279 sq miles of land and 5.2 sq miles of water.


Bath County Service Areas
Owingsville Salt Lick Sharpsburg


The area was initially part of the Montgomery County before it was founded in 1811. 53 years later, the county’s courthouse was pulverized by an unintentional fire caused by the Union Troops during the great Civil War. The archaeological survey of 1932 found 14 archaeological sites in the county, among them was the ancient burial site and the Romney Mound near Sharpsburg.


The county is popular for its magnificent scenic beauty, which also has a great impact on its history. Tourist attractions here include the renowned Cave Run Lake, built in the 1970s and which covers more than 270 acres of land. Cave Run is one of the most serene and beautiful lakes simply because it is natural.

It also has a lot to offer for recreations and businesses including the Cave Run Recreation Areas and the Daniel Boone National Forest. The Olympian springs too add to the history of the county’s most in vogue and popular resort which has served people for over 100 years.

Famous people and businesses

Even before the county was established, the area was thriving in the iron business. Early investors like Thomas Deye Owings, whom the Owingsville town was named after, tapped the region’s rich ore deposits, created furnaces and manufactures appealing products.

Bath County’s mineral springs likewise created business opportunities for business visionaries like the individuals who established Olympian Springs, a prominent hydrotherapy resort that facilitated and engaged visitors for over a century. It’s likewise the birthplace of John Bell Hood who was a well-known Confederate General.