Clark County KY

General Information

Clark county Kentucky is located in the state of Kentucky in the US. The formation of Clark County dates back in 1792 when it was taken from Fayette and Bourbon. The name of the county originated from the war hero Rogers Clark who is considered as a revolutionary. With a population of 35,613, the county is an extension of the Metropolitan.


Clark county Service Areas
Winchester Goffs Corner
Becknerville Lyndale
Bloomingdale Pilot View
Colby Trapp
Combs Ferry Ford


It wasn’t the final destination for many first dwellers of the land, but most had traveled to the neighboring counties before they settled into Clark County Kentucky. During the American Revolution the county played some active part as it’s believed to have hosted some nineteen stations for settlement. Though many of the first dwellers were not recorded as a family, William Bush has settled on Lower Howard’s which was one of the settlements. Most of the early landmarks that were erected in the county between 1775 to 17793 were churches.

At the end of the war, the county gained economic growth and agricultural enterprises to together with commercial started. The fact that Kentucky River was accessible from the county contributed to the importation of livestock from Europe. This contributed to the many other agricultural changes that were seen in the county until World War II. The county presents some of the great men as it stands as the birthplace of Beer Cheese.


Though small in size, the total area is 660km which is shared both by land and water. Tobacco after the stability of the region agricultural sector became the major crop and it has a gently rolling topology.


Though times have changed, the families that were living in the county as at 2000 was 9553 which translated to 13,015 households. With the establishment of different economic activities in the county, the average income per household is estimated at $39.95