Fayette County Kentucky


The county is located in the Kentucky state in the U.S and as per the 2016 estimations; the area has a population of about 314,488. The county is part of the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Lexington–Fayette, KY.


Fayette County Kentucky was originally known as Fayette County, Virginia, and was established in the month of June 1780 by the General Assembly of Virginia. The assembly not only abolished but also subdivided the county of Kentucky into 3 regions which are Fayette, Lincoln, and Jefferson. The counties and the others set out from them would later in that particular period separate from Virginia, 1972, to turn into the Kentucky Commonwealth.In 1799, the county would be reduced to the boundaries it has at present although, initially, it was bigger.

Fayette County Kentucky was named after Marquis de LaFayette whose purpose for coming to America was to be able to give support to the rebelling English colonies during the American Revolutionary War.

Attractions in Fayette County Kentucky

Kentucky Horse Park – You will be able to see various breeds of horses, over 50 in number, plus there are museums, shows and demonstrations and art galleries in the 1,200-acre area.

Historic Homes – You will be able to visit the homes of the famous citizens of the area that has been there for quite some time. The historic home of Mary Todd Lincoln, Henry Clay, John Hunt Morgan and of course Joseph Bryan who is Daniel Boone’s grandnephew.

Keeneland Race Course – Touring the grounds at any time of the year are possible. There is also a track kitchen that provides a delicious southern breakfast.

Independently owned restaurants – Fayette County Kentucky is known for its many restaurants that are independently owned that serve the best dishes suitable for a king.


In terms of education, there are a number of public high schools,middle and elementary private schools,private high schools and colleges and universities. For example, for college and universities, there are the Midway College, University of Kentucky, Sullivan University and ITT Technical Institute among others.

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