Franklin County KY

General Information

Located in US state of Kentucky, Franklin county KY was formed in 1795 from the parts of Woodford, Mercer and Shelby and is named after the statesman, Benjamin Franklin. It holds the population of 49,285.

Franklin County Service Areas
Bridgeport Jett
Forks of Elkhorn Switzer
Frankfort Peaks Mill
Bald Knob


The county received its name after the event that took place in 1780s. It is said that 260 acres of land was purchased by James Wilkinson in North of Kentucky river to develop his own state. 5 different commissioners were appointed for deciding the location of the capital. There names were John Allen, John Edwards, Henry Lee, Thomas Kennedy and Robert Todd. In 1796, the Kentucky general assembly gathered funds for accomodation of government.

During the American civil war, the union army designed a building which is called fort hill. The country is basically a compilation of scatterings of 3 counties named Mercer, Shelby and Woodford. Franklin is the 18th county of Kentucky.

Famous people

There have been 5 known personalities of Franklin Kentucky which have created their identity in all over the world.

  1. Brad M. Kelly- He’s a famous billionaire businessman and fourth largest landowner owner in the U.S. His net worth is 2.3 billion USD
  2. James earnest- He is a member of the Wisconsin State assembly and Wisconsin State Senate who was born in Franklin.
  3. Carolyn Conn Moore- She is known to become the first woman to serve in the Kentucky Senate. She was elected after the death of her husband through a special election.
  4. Joe Blanton: He is major league baseball pitcher.
  5. Anne Potts: she is a prolific American actress who was born and brought up in Franklin.

Places to visit

  • Old friends at Kentucky down location: It’s a place near Nashville road where the retired racing horses are kept. These horses have been said to achieve many glorious awards
    during the races.
  • Boone Station State historic site: the site is located on a beauteous 46 acres of land. It was established in 1779 and named after Daniel
  • Franklin Simpson wildcat wilderness: It is a trail run which supports Franklin Simpson cross county team. There are many events that keep taking place frequently at this place. It’s worth visiting. The places is blessed with beautiful weather and greenery all over.
  • National Corvette museum: The museum displays numerous vintage cars and their accessories. A car lover at least once must visit this
  • Franklin drive-in: it is a drive-in theatre where you watch movie while sitting in a car. It’s really an authentic place to visit with family or couple. The weather is quite soothing.