Mercer County KY

Mercer County Service Areas
Burgin Duncan
Harrodsburg Ebenezer
Salvisa Mayo
Bondville McAfee
Bushtown Pleasant Hill
Cornishville Talmage

General Information

Mercer County is in the state of Kentucky in the U.S.A. Mercer County received its name after the Battle of Princeton, from a high ranking general named Hugh Mercer. It was founded in 1786 and includes 21,331 residents, as marked by the latest census. The median income for families in Mercer County is $43,121 per annum. Mercer County has a total area mass of 253 square miles. Mercer County itself is classed as a dry county. This means that the United States government has prohibited the sale of any kind of alcoholic beverage. Although it is a dry county, Harrodsburg and Pleasant Hill allow the sale of alcohol by the drink.

History and Famous Residents

The first formally chartered city in Kentucky County was Harrodsburg. This virginia territory then went on to become the 15th state. The 192nd Tank Battalion who took part in a battle in World War II were from Mercer County. John Adair, eighth governor of Kentucky was a notable resident of Mercer County, Kentucky. John also served in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate between 1831 and 1833.

Attractions and Landmarks

Nestled within Mercer County Kentucky is Harrodsburg. It is Kentucky’s oldest town and has a rich history. There are many attractions within Harrodsburg with some of the more popular being: horseback riding trails, outdoor water sports, four craft distilleries and ten bourbon distilleries. Old Fort Harrod State Park takes up 15 acres of space in Mercer County Kentucky. Its main feature is a reconstructed fort. The original fort was the first permanent American settlement in all of Kentucky. The park was named after the early settlers that made this area their home. Pleasant Hill Kentucky is a popular destination for travellers. Between 1805 and 1910 it was the site of a Shaker religious community. It is now classed as a National Historic Landmark and contains more than 30 historic buildings.