Montgomery County, KY

General Information

Montgomery County, Kentucky is a county with a low population of 26, 499. It is best known for its historical monuments, landmarks, and museum. It is also the childhood home to many lesser-known celebrities. For being a pretty small county it has seen a lot of wartime action and also teaches you a lesson about the past. Many great things happened in this country wars, trains, and even a bright new future are all things you can say to describe this city.

Montgomery County Service Areas
Camargo Jeffersonville Judy Levee Mount Sterling


Montgomery County Kentucky was formed in 1796 by either Richard Montgomery who was killed in 1776 while trying to capture Quebec City, Canada. It also could have been founded by Thomas Montgomery from Virginia after his time of service in the Revolutionary War.


The top attractions for this county are the Jefferson Davis monument, and the Montgomery County Kentucky historical museum. Both of these attractions have a very unique but historically important value. If you are trying to teach your child history this would be a wonderful family outing.

Famous People

Many lesser known stars were born in this county. One of these lesser known celebs is Micheal Ealy known for his role as Slap Jack in 2 Fast 2 Furious. He also had a role as Ricky Nash in Barbershop. A major star is from this country. The very funny Dave Chappelle. This is a great county for kids to grow up and become famous when they grow up.


One wonderful landmark in this county is the railroad depot. Another great landmark is the Confederate monument of Mount Sterling, honoring the soldiers that died in the Civil War.

Montgomery County is an amazing county with both history and monuments that honor wars of the past. The county manages a mix of historical areas and modern life very well. If you ever have the chance to visit this wonderful county do so. You will not regret it.