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Are you looking for Frankfort Kentucky squirrel removal services? Squirrels in the attic can cause damage to your home that you may not be aware of. Squirrels can and will chew holes to gain access to your attic. Once inside your attic they can chew through electrical wires and cause damage to the insulation in your attic.

Squirrels go into attics throughout central Kentucky looking for shelter and safety to build their nests. They have their offspring twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. If not removed, the squirrels born in your attic will grow up and move to other areas in your attic to make nests of their own, causing a larger need for professional animal control.

If you think you have squirrels in your attic, give us a call today. We take pride in servicing Frankfort homes for nuisance squirrel problems, once you have scheduled an appointment, we will do a thorough and complete wildlife inspection to determine if there are squirrels in the attic, we will then begin to provide effective wildlife management by first locating all entry points and we’ll then begin the wildlife trapping. Once we have successfully trapped and removed the squirrels, we will do any damage repairs necessary, such as attic restoration, to make sure you will not have any wildlife issues from squirrels again. We are fully licensed and Insured.

Squirrel Exclusion Process

  • Home inspection to find evidence such as squirrel droppings, as well as squirrel entry points.
  • Humane squirrel traps set in select places to catch the squirrels as quickly as possible.
  • Once the squirrels are removed, the entry points are sealed with squirrel proof materials.
  • If needed, damage repair and cleanup of nesting and debris can be provided once the home is animal proofed.

What Do Squirrels Sound Like?

Frankfort squirrel trapping services

Squirrels in Frankfort Kentucky

Frankfort Kentucky has three species of tree squirrels: eastern gray (Sciurus carolinensis), northern fox (Sciurus niger), and flying (Glaucomys volans). Gray and fox squirrels are game species, whereas flying squirrels are not a game species. 

Problems with Squirrels

Squirrels often come into conflict with humans when they take up residence in an attic, eaves or walls of a house. Squirrels sometimes cause damage by gnawing and removing bark or fruits from valuable fruit and nut producing trees, ornamental trees and shrubbery or by feeding on corn, tomatoes, strawberries and other seeds or mature fruits in the garden.


The eastern gray squirrel is the most common tree squirrel found in Kentucky. These medium-sized rodents have a bushy tail. They are 16 to 20 inches long and weigh 1 to 2 pounds. Gray squirrels vary in color from gray to brownish gray with a white belly. 

The northern fox squirrel is Kentucky’s largest tree squirrel. Fox squirrels measure 18 to 27 inches, including their bushy tail, and weigh 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 pounds. Fox squirrels are typically grizzled gray with a touch of yellow or orange upper parts and pale yellow to bright orange underparts. University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture


Squirrel Noises In An Attic

Having a nuisance animal like a squirrel in the attic doesn’t pose too much danger to the safety of the occupants of the house, Squirrels are not aggressive in nature and can usually live peacefully alongside humans. They can however constitute various wildlife issues in the yard, they tend to dig a lot of holes in search of nuts and seeds and this can leave your yard having plenty uncovered holes which isn’t a very good sight to behold. A Frankfort animal removal expert will tell you that they also eat the bark of trees and shrubs, (this affects the health of the trees) bite into birdhouses, eat up the bird food and trample and eat from the garden, they might also take dog or cat food that is left outside. Generally make a mess of the yard and often leave it looking very untidy and unappealing.

Having animals in your attic isn’t any better, as wildlife removal companies will show you that they can chew the walls and beams of the house, as well as electrical wires, which can start fires. They also love moving on electric cables and power lines which can damage the power line and in some cases cause circuit problems requiring damage repairs.

Squirrel Control and Safety

For Frankfort squirrel control services, The best way of having the animals evicted from your house is to use effective wildlife management techniques to make it less comfortable or ideal for them. Our wildlife removal in Frankfort will clear away the clutter in your attic and always ensure that broken windows are repaired and that the fireplace is properly sealed off with chimney caps to prevent them from crawling in to the house. Ensure that the garden is fenced and that trees are properly trimmed so that branches don’t over grow and hang over the rooftop, granting easy access.

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It is important to note that even though rodents are not known to be dangerous, you shouldn’t try to get rid of them by yourself as they are still wild animals. It’s is more advisable to seek professionals to help you have the animals trapped. These professional animal trapping experts from pest control companies not only have experience with nuisance wildlife but also have skills in professional animal trapping, as well as distinguishing the types of species and knowing the best approach to use to get rid of them from your house. These professionals do not kill the animals but help ensure they are successfully trapped and removed, once the nuisance animals are expelled from your property, the company helps ensure that they do not invade your house after a period of time by giving you tips on how to make your house squirrel proof.