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Raccoon Removal

Wildlife Control Services

At Wildlife Removal Pros, we provide expert solutions for your wildlife woes, with a special focus on raccoon removal. Our team, deeply vested in humane and effective wildlife control, ensures that your property is freed from these nocturnal invaders safely.

Trapping and Relocating Raccoons

Humane Raccoon Removal Methods

Our approach prioritizes the welfare of the animals alongside your safety. We employ tried-and-true methods for capturing and relocating raccoons, guaranteeing that they are handled with care and released into suitable habitats away from residential areas.

Raccoon Exclusion Techniques

Preventing future infestations is key. We specialize in creating barriers and securing entry points to discourage raccoons from returning. Our services extend to comprehensive property inspections, identifying and sealing potential access areas.

Professional Pest Removal Companies vs. DIY Raccoon Removal Tips

While DIY approaches may offer a temporary fix, the expertise and tools available to professional pest removal companies like ours ensure a long-term solution. Our knowledge in raccoon behavior and access to professional-grade equipment set us apart.

Raccoon-proofing Your Property

  • Securing trash bins
  • Installing motion-activated lights
  • Sealing entry points
  • Using chimney caps and screens

Risks of Leaving Raccoons on Your Property

Raccoons can cause significant damage to your home, including electrical failures and structural damage. They also pose health risks, carrying diseases like rabies. Removing them promptly reduces these risks.

Legal Regulations for Raccoon Removal

Our team is well-versed in local wildlife laws, ensuring that our removal methods comply with state and city regulations. We make certain that every action we take is both legal and ethical.

Identifying Raccoon Entry Points

Part of our inspection process involves identifying how raccoons have accessed your home. Common entry points include attic vents, loose siding, and uncapped chimneys.

Preventing Raccoon Infestations

Maintaining a clean and secure environment is essential in preventing raccoons from seeing your property as an ideal habitat. Regular inspections and immediate action upon noticing signs of raccoons can prevent infestations.

At Wildlife Removal Pros, we’re dedicated to providing you with safe, humane, and effective raccoon removal services. Our extensive training and experience mean we can tackle any wildlife issue, ensuring your home remains free of unwanted guests. Trust us to protect both your family and the local wildlife with our professional, compassionate approach.

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