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Squirrel Removal

Types of Squirrels

At Wildlife Removal Pros, we encounter various types of squirrels causing issues for homeowners. Eastern gray squirrels and fox squirrels are the most common in our region, each capable of causing significant damage to property.

Risks of Having Squirrels in Your Property

Squirrels may seem harmless, but they can create several risks on your property. These nimble creatures can chew through electrical wires, thereby increasing the risk of fire. Additionally, their nesting habits can lead to insulation damage, which can affect your home’s energy efficiency.

Signs of Squirrel Infestation

It’s important to recognize the signs of a squirrel infestation early. These include strange noises from the attic, evidence of chewed wires or insulation, and nest building in secluded areas. Observing squirrels entering and leaving your property frequently is a clear indication of infestation.

DIY Squirrel Removal Methods

Tried and Tested Strategies

  • Seal Entry Points: Close off any openings that squirrels may use to enter your home.
  • Use Repellents: Commercial or homemade repellents can deter squirrels from your property.
  • Install Traps: Live traps can catch squirrels so you can relocate them far from your home.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Squirrel Removal Services

Handling squirrel removal on your own can be challenging and risky. By hiring professionals like us at Wildlife Removal Pros, you benefit from guaranteed, humane removal methods. Our experienced team ensures the complete elimination of squirrels and provides comprehensive solutions to prevent future infestations.

Humane Squirrel Removal Techniques

We stress the importance of humane removal techniques, such as live trapping and relocation. Our team is trained to handle squirrels gently and effectively, ensuring their safety while protecting your property.

Legal Considerations for Removing Squirrels

It’s crucial to understand that local laws might protect certain types of squirrels. At Wildlife Removal Pros, we are knowledgeable about the legal considerations involved in squirrel removal. We ensure our methods comply with local wildlife protection regulations.

Preventing Future Squirrel Infestations

Proactive Measures

  • Regularly inspect and repair your home’s exterior to eliminate potential entry points.
  • Trim tree branches that are close to your home to limit squirrels’ access to your roof.
  • Secure food sources, such as bird feeders, which might attract squirrels to your property.

At Wildlife Removal Pros, we understand the complexities involved in effectively removing and preventing squirrel infestations. With our expert knowledge and commitment to humane and legal wildlife control, we provide peace of mind to our customers by ensuring their homes are safe and free from unwanted guests. Remember, when it comes to wildlife removal, it’s always best to rely on the expertise of professionals.

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