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Do you have bats in your attic, crawl space, bats in the chimney, or walls? Need to get rid of them and you don’t know who to call? Wildlife Removal Pros is your licensed and trained bat control experts for all types of wildlife issues. We are a wildlife management company, meaning we do not handle dog or cat calls. We are NWCOA certified, and also Bat Standards Compliant. We have completed various wildlife control trainings and workshops about bat management, and have helped many customers with their bat problems. If you have bats, give us a call today! We can help. KY Wildlife Pros in Central KY is your source for bat control in Lexington Kentucky.

If you have one or more bats in your Lexington KY house do not try to remove them without protective equipment. Bats can carry rabies and other diseases. We are trained and experienced in safe bat removal, after the inspection we perform bat exclusion to have all of the animals removed. A bat inside your living quarters free flying, may be a sign that you have a colony of bats living in your attic, chimney, or walls. In this scenario, the nuisance animal needs to be removed immediately to avoid coming into contact with people or pets. We can come to your home or business and do a thorough inspection of the entire structure and determine if there are bats living there. If bats are found we will take the necessary steps to remove the bats and make sure you do not have the problem again. Once we remove bats from the attic, we also provide bat guano cleanup. We are trained and experienced in bat issues and use a proprietary exclusion method that ensures we get rid of bats for good. We can help you with all your bat problems.


Bat Control For Bats In The Attic

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Scientists estimate that over 900 to 1,200 bat species exist worldwide. In fact, bat removal in Lexington is common because bats constitute 20% of the entire mammal population on the planet. North America has its share of bats and the wildlife issues that they cause. More specifically, 45 bat colony species exist across the continent, and many of them are present in Kentucky. In fact, some Kentucky bats include Eptesicus fuscus, Myotis leibii, and Lasiurus cinereus. Ordinarily, if you contact a removal company they refer to them as the Big Brown Bat, Eastern Small-footed Myotis, and the Hoary Bat respectively. The oldest bat fossils discovered by researchers is 32 million years old. No matter the species, a removal specialist for bats in Lexington Kentucky can help you. It is to be noted, Fayette County animal control does not handle nuisance wildlife.

The Physical Anatomy of Bats

Many people falsely believe that bats are rodents and look for Lexington pest control when they realize that they have bats in the attic. However, the scientific evidence for their present classification is overwhelming. For example, these creatures have mammary glands, three bones in their inner ear, and hair. They give birth to live young as well, as all mammals do except the duck-billed platypus and the spiny anteater. During the bat maternity season they can not be removed nor can damage repair be started for bats in the attic. Another shared feature with mammals is that they have knees. However, their knees bend backward entirely. Bats also have distinct physical characteristics. For example, they do not see clearly. Instead, they move about through echolocation, which means they can catch their prey in mid air.

Removing Bats and Their Usefulness

Many people looking for help with bats in Lexington fear them unnecessarily. If you ask any removal professional, they will correctly inform you that bats are instrumental when it comes to helping human lives. More specifically, scientists have used them to research on low-temperature surgery and blood clot medication. Additionally, bats have even helped humans advance their military capabilities. For example, weapon experts have studied the way they avoid obstacles and find food using sonar. They have used this knowledge to develop sonar systems that detect mines and submarines. Bats are also a natural way of keeping your farm free of pests which makes Lexington bat exclusion debatable if it should be done or not. Some of them eat leafhoppers, rootworm larva, and grasshoppers among other destructive creatures. If you are looking for Lexington wildlife control, remember that bats are beneficial so please be kind to them.

Getting Bats Removed and The Dangers Of Bats

Their usefulness is undeniable, and so are the risks they pose to humans. The most severe danger that comes with a bat infestation is the risk of developing rabies. Infection occurs when an infected animal bites or scratches you. Saliva from the infected creature can infect you with this disease if it gets into contact with your eyes, mouth, or nose. Rabies is a severe illness that has a low survival rate once the first symptoms of it appear. Moreover, bat droppings known as guano encourage the growth of a fungus that causes Histoplasmosis. Symptoms of chronic Histoplasmosis resemble those caused by tuberculosis. Similarly, the disease is fatal without medical treatment. A case of rabies was found by a company in the area of Winchester Paris, KY.

Animal control determines the types of animals removed. In Lexington KY, animal control typically refers to someone who deals with dog and cat needs. KY Wildlife Pros handles all of your Central KY wildlife control needs. This ranges from Lexington squirrel removal, trapping to get rid of skunks, Lexington raccoon removal, wildlife exclusion, damage repairs and more. Once skunks removed from the property are taken away, skunk proofing is done to keep out future animals. The same process goes for raccoon removal from under decks, stoops and sheds.

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Bat Behavior For Educated Bat Control

Many people in Fayette County associate bats with death, witchcraft, darkness, and malice. That is because of their character. Bats are an important part of Kentucky’s wildlife, and are highly secretive creatures that roam and hunt in the dark. Usually, they hide themselves during the day as a Lexington animal that is nocturnal. Another behavior that people find strange among them is that they hang upside down, as they rest and sleep. Hanging upside down is also a means of preparing them for flying since their wings produce an insufficient amount of lift when compared to birds. Bats love roosting in attics, barns, caves, and trees. They can fly as far as 31 miles away for food before coming back to your home. They can be a pest animal when they have moved into a home.

Getting Rid of Bats With Bat Exclusion

Bats can be nuisance wildlife but according to removal experts they are useful to humans in their natural environment. Hence why wildlife trapping should never be done for any wildlife animal. Preventing them with the help of wildlife removal companies is an excellent idea. You can do that by getting rid of Lexington Kentucky bats in your attic or home as soon as you notice that they are there. Contact Wildlfie Removal Pros if you need guano clean up services. Remember, it involves handling bat droppings (guano). Only professionals can do that so call on them today to remove Lexington Kentucky bats from your home. Bats in the chimney can create a real health hazard. The exclusion method for chimneys is much different than bat inside attics. Usually when a colony is in an attic, bat valves are places to get bats out.