Do Moles carry diseases?

The reason that moles burrow, to begin with, is because they are on the hunt for food. They are insectivores that will feed on the insects that will do damage to a person’s yard. Despite this fact, most people see them as a pest and not a beneficial animal, like the way some people see bats. They see moles as the animals that damage their yard with tunnels, mounds, and holes from their tunneling.

Do they pose a health risk to people?

Although it is rare, it is not impossible at all for moles to spread various types of diseases. It is unlikely, but it is possible for them to carry rabies and transmit it through a bite or scratch if people handle them or try to catch them. It is far more likely for the parasites they can carry to spread diseases to people.

What types of parasites do they carry?

Like many mammals, moles can be carriers of fleas and ticks. It is also possible for them to carry tapeworm or Bartonella. These parasites can carry a lot of different diseases that can be passed to people or their pets. These parasites can be passed to people and pets when they touch the animals or when they walk through tall grass or leaves in the yard.

These parasites will attach to a person or pet and bite them to feed on their blood. This bite is what will pass a disease. Lyme’s disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, and tularemia are some of the possible diseases that people and pets can contract.

How can people avoid these diseases?

The best prevention is to avoid contact with the animals. Professionals should be called to dispose of dead moles or to remove them if they have been caught in a trap. If a pet has been bitten, they should be taken to see a vet to make sure they did not contract something serious.


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