The Diet Of Moles

Lawns, gardens, pastures, flowerbeds, and landscaping can all be potentially damaged by the tunneling that moles do. It is amazing to see the destruction that these very small mammals are able to do. They will displace grass, and as they tunnel they will rip through roots. They tunnel in a search for food. They are opportunistic feeders who will eat insects, small arthropods, and worms. They will eat adult insects as well as grubs.

They need to eat constantly in order to survive. This need causes them to have to eat between 25 and 100 percent of their body weight a day. People may not realize it, but small animals have to eat constantly because they have faster metabolisms than larger animals. This causes them to burn calories constantly and, therefore, they have to replace the calories constantly.


There are not a whole lot of ways to prevent moles from coming in a yard other than limiting as much of their food sources as possible. One of the ways that a person can do that is by regulating the moisture in the yard. Regulating the moisture that is in the yard can limit the volume of insects that are available food sources for the moles. This is a method that can help but it is not guaranteed to work.

There are other exclusion methods that people are able to experiment with to find which one works for them. These exclusion methods can help to limit the presence of moles but there is no real guarantee. In reality, people should contract professional removal experts because they are going to have the training and equipment that will allow them to be successful. The process and equipment that professionals will use are going to be able to provide a long-term exclusion from an owner’s yard and landscaping. The best solution for getting rid of moles from a lawn is trapping them.

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