Nuisance Moles In The Yard

Moles are related to hedgehogs and shrews, so it can be difficult to tell if a homeowner is dealing with a mole problem, or something else. They all burrow but there are particular signs for each animal that professionals will be able to notice. Moles are very rarely seen above ground due to their sensitive eyes making it dangerous for them to do so. It takes a trained eye to recognize the evidence that it is a mole problem plaguing the yard.

What evidence of their presence do they leave behind?

Moles do their burrowing just under the surface in order to find food. This burrowing leaves behind evidence in the form of raised tunnels and dirt mounds that will be spread throughout the yard. Damaged, withered, and dead or dying plants will also be seen as a result of the burrowing of moles because they will destroy roots as they burrow.

What is the best way to remove the mole problem from a yard?

The best available option for dealing with moles is by calling professionals to set up traps for mole control. There are other options, but this method is the most effective, successful, environmentally friendly, and humane option available. Professionals will be well trained and educated in not only how to trap them, but also how to keep them from coming back year after year.

Professionals can also help the owner to repair any damage that has been done to the yard. The yard is not the only place where damage from moles can happen. Mole tunnels can also cause damage to a home when they are dug around the foundation of a home. When this kind of damage has been done, it is important that it is repaired so that further damage is not done to the home.

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