Difference between Voles and Moles

In the springtime, the snow begins to melt, and homeowners begin to notice the damage that may have happened over the winter. As this melt happens, professional pest removers begin to get increased calls to come and deal with pest problems people are having in their yards, gardens, and flowerbeds. This damage can be caused by different things, but mole issues and vole issues are commonly confused.

Moles or Voles

There are many times when people call for problems in their yard and they may be at a loss as to whether it is a mole problem or a vole problem. These animals are related, but they have two very different effects on a person’s property and they look completely different as well.


Moles have large front feet, perfect for digging, and they have very tiny eyes. Their eyes are so small that they almost seem as if they do not have any. Moles are also rarely seen because they are an animal that lives and feeds underground. In their wake, they leave tunnels and mounds as they lift the soil to the surface. They also make the ground feel “spongy” when it is walked on.


Voles are an animal that resembles a really plump mouse. They are brown and have a slightly pointed snout. They also have eyes that are obviously seen. Voles do not live underground, so it is very possible for people to see them in their yard. These animals’ tunnel under the snow, but above ground. These animals eat the grass and use it to build nests. They leave what looks like paths or highways across a yard.

Call the Pros

Professionals will be able to know right away what type of animal it is, whether it is moles or voles. They will also know what needs to be done to address the situation. If a person is unable to tell the difference and doesn’t know where to start, a professional should be their first call. Never trust a company who’s mole removal solutions include poison and not mole traps.

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