Do Moles Bite?

Moles burrow and dig through a person’s yard, garden, around their home, and in flowerbeds in search of insects to eat. Their movements can cause damage to these areas like a “spongy” feeling when the yard or damaged area is walked across, mounds of dirt from creating their tunnels, and dead or withering plants due to damaged roots.

They are not the type of animals that are aggressive by nature. One of the reasons that moles live underground is because of their eyesight. They have very poor eyesight that makes it necessary for them to rely on their other senses to avoid interaction with predators and humans.

Will they bite people?

Although they are unaggressive animals, there are times when they will bite. Any animal will bite, scratch, and fight if they feel they are being threatened or are in danger in some way. If people attempt to handle them, this may cause moles to feel cornered or threatened. This fear will cause them to defend themselves and bite the person who is trying to handle them.

Are their bites dangerous?

Moles are not known as an animal that carries rabies, so their bites are not necessarily a cause for concern. That doesn’t mean that the bite should not be treated properly. If ever an animal bites a person, the area needs to be cleaned and disinfected immediately. This will prevent the wound from becoming infected.

It is possible for the wound to become red or swollen and this should not elicit any sort of panic or overreaction. If the wound doesn’t heal and gets worse, medical attention should be sought out. People should avoid handling these animals without the proper training. If there is a mole problem on a property, professionals should be called so that it can be handled safely. If you are searching for a mole trapper in Lexington Kentucky, call us today for mole removal solutions.

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