Nuisance Moles in the Garden

People spend a lot of time and energy creating a garden that they can be proud of. It can be extremely disheartening when a pest, like moles, come in a destroy the hard work. Moles are the kind of pest that is not seen but the damage that they cause is easily visible.

Damage That They Do To The Garden

Moles burrow through the garden looking for food sources. When they burrow they can rip through the roots that the plants rely on. When the roots are ripped through by burrowing moles, this can lead to withering or dead plants and vegetables.

Methods for Mole Removal

There are a couple of options available, but some of them can be more destructive than helpful. Like with any problem, there are going to be better solutions than others. Castor beans can be planted throughout the garden as a repellant, but these are a poisonous species of plant and they can sprout and cause a lot of other issues.

Another option is to try and remove as much of their food sources as possible. These include insects like grubs, which are a destructive insect to the garden as well. It is difficult to remove these destructive insects without getting rid of the beneficial ones, like earthworms, who regenerate the soil.

The other option is trapping moles. This method will not harm the garden, but it can pose its’ own set of difficulties. In order for traps to work, the person setting them up needs to have an in-depth knowledge of moles and how to set up the traps so that they are effective.

The Best Option

The most effective option is to call in the professionals. They are going to have the proper knowledge of how to assess the situation and do what is going to work the best. The homeowner should call local professionals to make sure the problem is taken care of successfully.

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