Mole Droppings

Although moles spend most of their time underground, they do come above ground at times. This makes it possible for property owners to find evidence of their presence by way of their droppings. Their droppings are small pellet-shaped droppings that are brown in color. Smalls piles may be found on or near the surface pathways that they have created. These pathways are strips of dead grass that have formed as a result of their tunneling activities.

Do Their Droppings Transmit Diseases?

Many animals are able to transmit diseases when people come into contact or in close areas with their droppings, this is not the case with moles. Though it may be gross, their droppings are overall not harmful to people, pets, or the lawn. These animals are not known to carry any diseases that people and pets can contract from coming into contact with the droppings. The droppings are a sign of the issue of the moles themselves. This is a problem that will likely require the services of a professional.

Moles Can Carry Parasites

Although these animals, themselves, do not bring diseases, the fleas and ticks that they may carry will. Fleas and ticks are known to carry some dangers diseases, such a Lyme’s disease. These parasites are able to transmit diseases to people and pets. This is one of the reasons why when a mole problem is noticed, it needs to be taken care of quickly.

The Best Way to Handle the Situation

Prompt pest mole removal is the only way to go. This is going to limit the damage that they will do to the yard, garden, or flowerbed and it will limit the time that they have to bring parasites into the yard. These animals require the expertise of a professional because of their shy disposition. Professionals understand how these animals behave and where the best places to set successful traps will be.


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