Types of Moles

There are several different types of nuisance moles that people can encounter throughout the United States. There are certain traits that all moles share amongst one another and other traits that are specific to the species. All moles have small bodies with some sort of dark fur. Their snouts are long, and void of fur and they have large front paws for digging. Moles have very small eyes and ears that are almost unnoticeable.

Despite what many people believe, moles are not rodents. They are solitary mammals that spend most of their time underground. They are insectivores that dig and burrow in search of soil-dwelling insects like grubs and worms.

Different Species of Moles

There are a few different species of moles across the United States, but there are three that are the most common for people to have problems within their yard.

Eastern Mole

This is the most common mole in the United States. They can reach lengths of around 6 inches with long dark fur. The eastern mole has a long snout and wide hands that aid them in their digging and burrowing. They are native to areas east of the Rocky Mountains from northern Michigan all the way to southern Texas.

Star-Nosed Mole

These moles are found along the East Coast of the United States. They have a unique star-shaped appendage on the tip of their snout that aids them in detecting insects in the soil. Hairy-tailed moles are another species that are found in the same range as the star-nosed mole.

Shrew Mole

These are one of the species that is found along the West Coast. These are the smallest miles of North America as they only reach lengths of 4 to 5 inches. They are also different in the fact that they do not have prominent front paws and are commonly seen above ground.

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