Nuisance Moles

Moles are small animals that live most of their lives underground. They have sensitive eyes which makes it safer for them to spend their lives underground or, at a minimum, protected by foliage. They reach small sizes between 4 and 9 inches long with long gray or brown fur, with pink tails and feet.

Damages Caused By Pest Moles

Moles are carnivorous insectivores who prey on earthworms, grubs, and other insects. Their presence can be beneficial because of the insects that they keep out of a person’s lawn. The problem comes from their tunneling activities which can be destructive for yards, gardens, golf courses, and pastures. Their tunneling can kill grass and prevent other plants from being able to take root properly. On the rare occasions that people try to handle them, they can bite.

Mole Control and Removal of Pest Moles

Moles are not an animal that is protected by law, which gives a lot more options for control and removal of moles. There are different options that are going to be better suited for different situations and circumstances. Trapping has been found to be the best option, but it is not a process that will happen quickly because moles are an elusive animal.

Due to the behavior and traits of these animals, calling in a professional is the best step that an owner can take. A professional is going to be armed with the training, tools, and skills to address a mole problem. Professionals are going to be able to get the job done much faster and with a higher rate of success.

Common Mole Topics

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